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      Qingdao sharp hao woodworking machinery manufacturing co., LTD is specializing in the production of a variety of Qingdao sanding machine manufacturers, the company produced the plane of the broadband sander, primer sanding machine, special-shaped sanding machine is a combination of Germany, Italy, Taiwan's good mechanical properties, structure and advanced the sanding machine series: artificial marble water sand, dry sand, plastic board, stainless steel, aluminum plate sanding machine products favored by customers at home and abroad. The abundant processing power, the reliable quality assurance, strict testing means make the company to win the trust of users; Rich experience, sophisticated design, as well as relevant to the user's communication, make the company continuously introduced to adapt to the market, meet the users of the new product.
      Qingdao RuiHao Woodworker Manufacture CO.,LTD
      Contact:Manager Chai
      Address:Qingdao city chengyang Dazhoucun
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      Contact:Manager Chai Phone:13969680171 13969695377 Telephone:0532-86655161 Address:Qingdao city chengyang Dazhoucun
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